Hyperion II

The Hyperion II is a continuation of the successes of the Hyperion I program. The Hyperion II is designed as a 12" diameter sounding rocket capable of lofting a 100lb payload to an altitude of over 100 miles for use as a research or atmospheric target rocket. The hybrid propulsion system is a combination of a metalized solid fuel and self-pressurizing nitrous oxide. One of the key design elements is a restart capability. Six full-scale firings have been done to fully characterize the system. One of these tests demonstarted the use of an in flight thrust termination and restart capability. This was ground tested with a firing that lasted for 10 seconds, was shut down for 15 seconds, and finally burnt for an additional 5 seconds with no external ignition input. The delay can be set to any duration from 5 to 90 seconds. The final full-up firing produced an average thrust of 5000 lbs for just over 34 seconds with a 98% fuel utilization. Additional achievements of this program include the development of new nozzle technology. Future work will focus on reducing inert mass through composite technology.
Hyperion II 35sec. firing.mpg
Hyperion II restart firing.mpg
Hyperion II 25sec. firing.mpg


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