eAc's research and development facility includes a broad array of engineering workstations and design simulation suites. A well-equipped mixing and vacuum facility is capable of processing and casting propellant batches from 1 to 250 pounds. Manufacturing capabilities include conventional and CNC metal fabrication, plastics processing, composite structures, injection-molding, vacuum thermoforming, and complex waveform TIG and LASER welding. A polymer chemistry laboratory rounds out the R & D facility.

The eAc testing facilities include a selection of rocket motor thrust stands, vibration tables, environmental chambers, hydrostatic test jackets, and tensile strength test machines. eAc's offsite rocket motor testing facility, located in the outskirts of Dade County, is capable of testing motors up to 50,000 pounds thrust, and is equipped with an armor plated control room allowing safe conduct and observation of live motor firings. All test facilities have fully computerized data acquisition and control systems.


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