Computer Modeling

eAc's design team uses a variety of computer modeling software packages to generate the best possible end product. The integration of rocket propulsion simulation programs and mechanical design software has proven to be very functional. Optimized motor performance parameters can be translated into the corresponding motor geometries. Pep-code, flight simulation, burn-rate analysis, and 6DOF software codes allow for the complete pre-fire analysis of all ground and flight-testing. Using CAD software, eAc design engineers generate detailed computer models of very complex components of hybrid propulsion systems such as oxidizer valves and injectors. Having the entire propulsion system in CAD format allows us to accurately predict important aerodynamic parameters such as component weights and the overall center of gravity for the system. eAc's ability to work with many different CAD software packages provides an excellent avenue for technical communication with the customer and allows effortless integration of any mechanical components provided by sub-contractors or customers. We also have the CAM capabilities that allow us to communicate with our CNC milling machine to generate complex prototypes and end product.

In order to provide safe lightweight designs, all critical components are carefully studied using FEA software. The use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software brings a high level of confidence to any product delivered to the customer. Our design team is able to simulate any environment in which our components will be exposed to and in turn prevent any failure due to any excessive thermal, structural, or vibrational loads.

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